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 Your First Adventure!

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PostSubject: Your First Adventure!   Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:08 am

How was your first Adventure Inside Minecraft?!
What did you find? What did you make? How did you Die? ect.
Just tell us/me What you did on your first run-down of this game
I'll start it of course haha

I had the privilege to play Minecraft with a friend. In a new world
She guided me through it and gave me the tour. taking atleast 2 hours of just
showing me the ropes.
4-5 Hours into the game i hit the jackpot!
I find a Stronghold and find the gate thing to make a Portal!
Unfortunately, i entered without any weapon besides a pick axe and died
by a Bowman! but hey atleast i found it!
My friend helped me clear the Stronghold~

I don't play often but i Have played enough to gather Ender Eyes and made a portal
i just haven't defeated the ender Dragon! Not yet! i will though

First Adventure Description! Done!

Incase you sorta forgot your first adventure here's the BGM that made me remember!

(The audio starts Low but it get's louder don't worry it works)

Left to play a game called "Life" there is no save file so i'll be gone for a long-loooong time :3
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PostSubject: Re: Your First Adventure!   Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:32 am

My first time MC (back in early beta, 0.5 xD), I played on a server hosted by a friend of mine and I knew all of the guys there in RL, my only problem was that they started playing long before me and knew the stuff already, and everyone thought someone else had shown me what to do already lol (it took me three hours there to get someone to tell me you have to use tools to make stone and ores drop stuff when you destroy them)
I built a treehouse in a forest near the place a friend of mine had a wooden villa, and dug a hole into the ground below, found some ores, built a furnace, as it goes (back then, MC was only crafting and getting resources, no strongholds and only 3 biomes. we didn't even have beds lol we went mining at night because there were an equal amount of monsters in the caves and on the surface then xD)
but I had no idea how to use a furnace, so I tried to light it with flint and steel. in my wooden treehouse. in the middle of the forest. my friends wooden villa near. back in beta where fire could spread infinitely.

it was quite impressive, there was a hill nearby, all of my friends gathered there and we looked at the inferno that roared from down at our feet to some point far beyond the max render distance, engulfing some really great buildings that stood there, getting an idea how emperor nero must have felt after setting fire to Rome xD

after it all burnt down, only ashes left, the host restarted the server with a backup from half an hour ago lol

"Look at the world through our eyes
and smile!"

Ruriel outdid herself with those two creepy-smiling guys xD
you know she is a tsun-de-re!^^:

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Your First Adventure!
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