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 No title can describe such thing

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The Mad Dog (Artwork Moderator)
The Mad Dog (Artwork Moderator)

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PostNo title can describe such thing

the following blog is going to have some strong content of real facts about how much some people "respect" those who are not with us anymore as well as info from my past. im also venting some stuff by writting because im absolutelly mad so, i apologize in advance for my following vocabulary.

years ago, when i was 7 years old i suffered the lost of my grandparents and my father. after such a thing happened, i turned into an outcast thanks to my ever loving bitch of a mother. my uncle gave me a job to sustain myself and its the tiring job im always complaining about but its the only thing i have to obtain my own roof and food, although it has one more purpose.
some of you are too young to even wonder about something like this but, do you know what happens when you bury someone? you have tp pay 4 different things to the graveyard.
1- the spot ; 2- the gravestone ; 3- the coffin ; 4- annual payment to keep them there.
they have a record of all the payments done. my lack of humour and my present anger is due to a problem some son of bitch committed last year.
my uncle and i take turns to pay this annual thing, last was my uncles turn, this year is mine to pay but, apparently they have no records of my uncle paying on 2012 which he did because i went with him that day. thing is, since the payment isnt on the list, they now want to throw my fathers body, my grandmothers and grandfathers body as well to a channel, a hidden area that exists in all graveyards thats not visible to the public, where they dump the remains of the people whose famillies didnt pay.
yes, this is all true, if you dont pay, the people you love will be thrown like trash just to have an empty spot for another familly to fill, WHAT THE FREAKING FUCK IS THIS FUCKING SHIT!!?
i found myself arguing at night, not too long ago, with a stupid dumbass from the graveyard in which my familly is buried, whose only dialogue was "we have been warning you with letters that your payment from last year wasnt in the records". that being said, i havent recieved a damn letter, never, not me, not my uncle and we also havent moved from one place to another, which means that a comment implying change of residence is out of question. i was begging on my stupid knees, telling this guy that im even willing to pay a second time for last years unrecorded payment but this lowlife woudltn even listen!! they are going to have their bodies removed in 2 days and dumped just like that, with not a single feeling of remorse in their heartless chests, but what angers me the most is that they are treating them like they are objects, mere things that are just lying there and im asking myself, how can it be that a soulless freak is the one in charge of the place i trusted, selected as their place of rest? i cant even start wondering when in all of this worlds life did humans become such greedy and detestable beings.
i swear that i cant think clear right now, i want to cry, hate, get angry, even if i have to sleep in the graveyard surrounded by rats, tombstones and the worst kinds of humans in this world, ill make sure that non of them ever lays a fucking finger in my familly. once this is all over ill be changing them to another place, maybe smaller but those who work there know how to hold respect for those who have lived and are still cherished.
its hard to stay sane and kind when societies are mindless and heart lacking, how can you put someone so apathetic and as expresive as a wall to be the guard of such a place... that i will never understand and im willing to hit straight in the face whoever dares to defend such people. this time im really beyond my limit.

The Mindless Beast Rages
"When insanity becomes fuel and anger makes the strongest weapon"
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No title can describe such thing :: Comments

Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:44 am by Kiwa_Hajimari
I was really shocked when my father told me (I was around 10, my grandfather had just died, we stood at his grave on All Hallows' Day) that you have to pay to keep the spot and grave, I guess I assumed it would just stand there for all eternity. same day next year, the topic came up again and I was told that in some graveyards, the maximum rent span (yes, maximum rent span on graveyards, it's just fuckin' business for some guys) is five years. I was afraid that this would be one of them, because that would have been something like my grandpa dying a second time, at least I could talk to him after his "first" even if he didn't talk back xD but after these 5 years, he would be gone completely. In our case we were lucky, the keeper told us that rule existed, but in a small town like this one, he wouldn't mind letting that slip with not many people being buried there. But there are people far less understanding than this, and I don't know why a doctor in a hospital loses his job if he bursts out laughing over some strangely shaped rashes, but people treading family members of others with their feet can stay where they are.

Since I don't feel like I helped you with this at all, maybe a pretty far-fetched suggestion in the end: Could you maybe ask the people there if you can get the bodies to cremate them, that way I guess it would be possible to keep them either at your house or set up a new place at the graveyard for them as it counts as a "new funeral".
Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:54 pm by Vezzel
i have to pay for the cremation process and its almost $10.000 for all three of them, cant pay such an insane amount. it also turns out that i have to pay them to get my familly out of that place, its almost like their remains are hostages of those people, sounds like a sick fucking joke but its true and the worst part is that i have to submit if i want to move them to another graveyard. gotta put my pride aside and act as their bitch to get what i want. after that, be sure that im fucking suing that place, i dont mind being laughed at but this is too far.
Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:12 pm by Kiwa_Hajimari
actually, I think suing them is the best you can do, especially for the graveyard, maybe not for the people working there, but they would definitely deserve getting fired. They change the conditions and a few things after you do.
Swallow your pride for now as it's necessary, but don't lose it, and keep in mind that your people would have done the same thing for you.
Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:54 pm by Vezzel
i know that much and as i said im submitting to their rules only for now, once i get my familly back ill take this to the court and im sure that the thousands of relatives that have someone dear resting there will give me a hand. i dont want money, i want them all fired and i wish for their "rules" to be changed as well, nothing else matters to me right now more than that.
Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:51 am by Ruriel
My parents have always told me that when they pass away, they really don'y want to be buried. I've always wondered why and now I know. Digging up someone's body... It's unthinkable, unacceptable. It's an unspoken rule in my family to step around the ground where people are buried for it is disrespectful to step on them. So for those people to do what they do because someone doesn't have any money... This really needs to be changed. Vezz, I wish you the best of luck with everything. I really hope everything works out in your favor, and know that you have people you can rely on here if you ever need it.
Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:20 am by Vezzel
already payed to take my familly out, im gonna spend tomorrows afternoon making sure that the grave diggers unearth them, or whoever its spelled, correctly. they are going to spend the night in the morgue and a hearse is going to move them to the new graveyard on sunday morning.
im feeling so awful after all this... thanks ruri for ur words and kiwa for the comments, my friends over here have supported me as well but this matter has really taken its toll on myself and my mood. gotta focus on cooling a bit down.
Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:00 pm by KimHaedi
omg, so that's why you've been depressed V?? >< i'm im.. i... im so speechless.  but really i agree with you.  they're bunch of evil doers who need to pay some respect to any person who is dead.

hugs you*  its hard to believe that there are some people who think they are humans in the world but   act or are like  monsters.  it's sad how some people can't see that they're evil sometimes. I hope everything will be okay with you.   Hang in there kay V?  we're here for you!

i'm sorry that you're having a hard time V. but lifts your chin up* I'm here for you smiles*
Re: No title can describe such thing
Post on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:37 am by RevoluXionist
I know it's a bit late but let me share a quote that would help you cool down:

"They say those who die, go to heaven. I don't think so. I think when we die, we go to live on in someone else's heart. We live on in their memories. Just like how our parents stay in our hearts. But with time, memories fade. That's why people wish to leave something behind. They don't want to be forgotten. Nobody wants to be forgotten."

-Kaito Kirishima from Ano Natsu de Matteru
Re: No title can describe such thing
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No title can describe such thing

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