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 How i have been living for the past week

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The Mad Dog (Artwork Moderator)
The Mad Dog (Artwork Moderator)

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PostHow i have been living for the past week

these are recent videos of the past few days, everything started with the police and the military asking for more salary, after getting ignored they decided to stop working on their duties. this is what happens when humans are free to do as they please.
so far, Buenos Aires -where i live-, Catamarca, Cordoba, Salta, Tucuman and Mendoza have suffered from pillages, attacks in the middle of the streets and violence towards anyone who tries to do something against this.
we decided to take measures on this matter on my neighborhood. we have gathered a group of neighbors to patrol the surrounding streets at night, im included in that. few nights ago, a group of 7 teens jumped a wall behind the building we live in in an attempt to brake into it while we were keeping an eye on the front street, which is why we even needed to make a barricade on the backyard.

im tired of all of this, every time something bad and negative of my life gets solved, something else pops up and i just cant stay optimistic anymore. for the past few months i have done nothing other than face problems, issues, work till dropping half-dead, meet the wrong people... my nerves cant take this lifestyle anymore. the only place i felt good and where i could relax and cool my head from life itself was my apartment. now im even uneasy while doing common things such as taking a shower and sleeping, if i get a chance to close my eyes that is, because i feel like anyone can brake in at any moment.
what do i do having no safe place arround?
what should i do to remain calm this time?
who the hell am i supposed to trust? "lets believe in our people" the senator said and look where that led all those mentioned provinces including mine.
cant take this anymore but ill endure it, theres no other choice but to hope for the government and civil defense to fucking wake up.

The Mindless Beast Rages
"When insanity becomes fuel and anger makes the strongest weapon"
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How i have been living for the past week :: Comments

I ... honestly wish you'll find some well-deserved peace soon, and I honestly have no clue how to comfort you. I haven't yet been in a similar situation and I hope I don't get into one.

Did I get this right? The main reason AGAIN is because people who should be there for helping others focus on money instead of their job? ...

Take this, erm, heartfelt pat on the shoulder, if you ever consider coming to Germany I'd be glad to help you find your ways, it's nice and quiet here.
Re: How i have been living for the past week
Post on Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:09 pm by Ruriel
You and luna are giving me freaking heart attacks. Sleep next to a bat and keep and bigger bat under your bed. Stay safe vezz... >_< And I'm sure you'll situation will turn around for the better soon. You've already used up all your bad luck for the next two decades.

How i have been living for the past week

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