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 some ideas...

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Artwork Moderator
Artwork Moderator

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PostSubject: some ideas...   Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:06 pm

well since i was informed that my January is most likely going to be busy i decided to post this one so you guys would read it before the meeting comes...


my reason is simple...

Lelouch_Vi_Britannia wrote:
Okay let me see...

i dont really mean to offend your opinions but i dont think that merging those sections are a good idea...
yeah its close to my suggestions of having a shared moderators on those sections but then again...the decision of merging the sections are based on how the site is now...its not like were expecting the site to be like this forever...
the inactivity of those sections are because of the numbers of members we got right now...

so i think that we should unmerge those sections cause they are soon going to be not sure when...but it will sure be difficult for us to unmerge them once the site is will just make a lot if confusion...

please try and think about it again...

im on my phone right now so i cant really type that much...i will try and explain it more if you guys have some questions about my opinion...

i think that we should count the points instead of counting the post...cause as we know...we have credits exchange which is why points is more important than the post so i think that users would be more encouraged to post if they know that they can earn points...although we probably need to make the points here a bit lesser...

never explain yourself,,,your friends won't need it,,,your enemies wont believe it
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Retired Staff
Retired Staff

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PostSubject: Re: some ideas...   Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:38 am

I'm really busy atm so I can't give you a decent reply to your thoughts but thank you for giving us your opinion lelou ^^ It will certainly be taken into consideration during the next meeting.

"Baby please don't cry. Can you smile for me? These wings are meant to fly."
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some ideas...
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