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 Golden Time [spoilers] & [discussion]

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PostSubject: Golden Time [spoilers] & [discussion]   Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:39 am


Tada Banri, a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo, found himself completely lost after the opening ceremony, trying to find his way to the freshman orientation. At that moment, he ran into another lost freshman from the same school, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, and they hit it off at once. Somehow arriving at their intended goal just on time, there appeared in front of the two a beautiful girl holding a bouquet of roses. The girl then whacked Mitsuo across the face with the bouquet and handed the flowers over to him. "Freshman, congratulations," was all she said, and then left. The stylish, well dressed, perfect woman that had swung at Mitsuo was his childhood friend, Kaga Kouko. As children they had promised to marry each other one day, fulfilling their dreams. In order to escape from her, Mitsuo had gone out secretly and taken the examination for this well known private college, but now she showed up in the freshman orientation hall. She too had taken the law school entrance examination, catching up with him there.


My thoughts:

We're just passed the second half of the show and looks like Koko and Banri's relationship is having some bumps in the road. This past episode was quite good and also enforces that Koko really does care of Banri, but can react and go about the situation the wrong way. It shows that she is still a bit naive and amateurish regarding relationships and how she should handle them. Anyways, hopefully things pick up soon and I'm wondering how the Linda and Yana pairing will affect Banri's future decisions and state of mind.
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Golden Time [spoilers] & [discussion]
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