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 Going away <3

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PostGoing away <3

So i got a temporary job in Hawaii , my boss' Brother is opening a shop and she asked me to help him out, the three of us talked two days ago and we agreed (I get a better pay!) So, i'll be going now! haven't been on an airplane in a while...

Because of the business, relocation, and other social stuff i gotta cut off the hours of either Anime/Manga or Social Web Life! Since we're Anime Based Community(Filled with Spoilers) i will sacrifice you guys Q.Q (you guys would do the same! i know you would!) I need my dose of Anime~

I won't be in touch for about 1-2 months... Yeah... maybe longer?

Made Latest Sig you guys and go ahead and stare at that and give me your opinions
"Home>Artwork>GuiltyStory's WorkShop> Last Page."
You'll see it Smile

Happy Valentines Day to all! See ya'll in March/April

P.S. Hikari my bad! Invited you even though i won't be here, but these guys will take care of ya, they're all cool! There's a Skype chat which these guys SHOULD already put up the link or tell all the new people already.... ( Stares at Admins ) See you when i see you Smile

Left to play a game called "Life" there is no save file so i'll be gone for a long-loooong time :3
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Going away <3 :: Comments

Re: Going away <3
Post on Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:28 am by Kiwa_Hajimari
have fun, kat^^
that sounds great, and, Hawai! xD sun! xD

and don't worry about not being here, you have to set priorities at some point or you won't survive for long lol

so have a good taah cya in a few weeks xD

PS: hikari, pm me your skype name and I'll add you to the convo xD

oh, and did you post that supercell song? <3
make sure to leave us sth similarly good in the playlist lol
Re: Going away <3
Post on Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:13 am by Rami
Have fun Kathy!

Take Care!

Have A Safe Trip To Hawaii!

See You Soon.

Re: Going away <3
Post on Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:23 am by seyyah
Hahaha, good for you, have fun there, take care of yourself and have a nice trip.
Be careful of sunburns there XD
And you did the right thing, i also would sacrifice forums instead of anime.
See you later. Good luck out there. Razz
Re: Going away <3
Post on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:45 pm by Mikay
Ahh no Kat's disappearing for a long period of time Crying or Very sad
But woah relocation and everything, I hope you'll have a great trip! Good luck &
I hope you have a safe trip to Hawaii Very Happy I'll miss you D:
You better come back! We'll be waiting for you~
Love Kayla~ Razz
Re: Going away <3
Post on Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:40 pm by Times
Good luck with what you're doing...
Have a great time, but come back!
Re: Going away <3
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Going away <3

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