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 First tima at a public bathhouse

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PostFirst tima at a public bathhouse

So I went to a public bathhouse with my family today. We had a family gathering so my immediate family and my cousin's family got together to celebrate my uncle's birthday yesterday. After that we stayed the night and in the morning, they decided they wanted to go to a spa for some massages and some spa treatment. I was hesitant at first, thinking to myself, that I've got to strip completely naked and walk around with a bunch of other guys in the bathhouse. But I was curious. I've seen so much anime where there's a bunch of guys washing themselves next to each other, scrubbing each other's backs or whatnot. Apparently, it's so ingrained in their culture that they don't think of weird things and just go there to clean themselves and get out. So I agreed because why the fuck not.

So we got there and it wasn't a shabby one, but a freakin' huge and pretty popular one. There were a lot of people there too. We got our keys and lockers and they gave us these shirts and pants because they have an area where people can mingle and chill afterwards. Guys get blue shirts and girls get pink shirts and those are the only things you're allowed to wear once you go past the locker rooms.

That inevitable moment came where I started to take off my shirt and pants and stood there with only my boxers on. At that moment I was wondering how I should go about this. I saw my dad and my two cousins, who were both 10 years old, just fucking take off their clothes like no one was around. I was ready......Then I thought maybe I could go in there with my boxers on or something. But then I realized how stupid I would look being the only one not naked. Being naked was normal and wearing my boxers would only make myself stand out more.

So I was like fuck it and proceeded to slide my boxers down. At that moment, I actually felt kind of relieved like I broke through a shell I was stuck in for a long time or something. It was very refreshing and the air conditioning only made the sensation feel that much more revitalizing. And this is all from fucking pulling my boxers down Very Happy I looked down and my only thought that ran through my mind was that it was true that it does shrivel up when you're nervous lol.

I wanted to enter the washing room so I started to look for some towels so I can cover myself up a bit. But I noticed that the towels were actually inside the actual bathhouse. So I had to walk through the entire locker room which was huge, passing by other guys changing to get to the entrance. My other family members were already inside. So I kinda did like a power walk, trying my best not to look awkward, but realizing that I probably already look the part, so I slowed down.

When I finally got inside, I noticed that there were a lot of people in there. There were like 30 people there and they weren't just a bunch of old guys or kids like I assumed. They were also teenagers and young adults my age and some of these guys were actually pretty good-looking and well-built, so I got a bit self-conscious. I spotted my dad and uncle in the hot spa so I grabbed the towel from the rack and tried to put it around my waist. But these towels were small as hell and it could barely go around my waist. No wonder, these towels fall off so easily in anime lol.

Once I went inside the pool, all my nervousness and anxiety went away. It just felt so fucking good. I love taking hot showers so going inside the steaming pool was bliss for me. Then apparently it was time to wash ourselves and I found a spot in the corner and sat down on those small plastic seats with a hole in the middle. I guess the hole was there so water doesn't accumulate under your butt and doesn't make farting noises when you move around lolz.

My cousin came over like a happy little kid and asked me if he can scrub my back. I smiled and said that he can and afterwards we switched spots and I scrubbed his back. From that point on, I didn't feel any shyness or self-consciousness. I was just minding my own business, cleaning myself like every other dude in here. After the steam sauna and another dip in the hot steaming pool, I got out and walked toward the entrance naked, feeling refreshed and clean as fuck. My skin was smooth as ever and my hair smelled like lavender and plums. I wasn't covering myself or anything. I just simply strolled over there, not giving a shit, like I was all alone in this place.

I changed into my blue shirt and grey sweat pants they handed out and went into that huge "chill area", I found the rest of my family and ate some korean food in the little food court they had there. There were a bunch of room for massages and had different lighting that is good for your skin, but I just laid on the floor and watch some Olympics on the big screen and eventually took a little nap.

So overall, it was an interesting experience. I was definitely nervous at first, but I got used to it. I felt so fucking good afterwards that it was totally worth it. I would definitely come again. The question now is, do I invite friends......that would be fucking awkward as hell.
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First tima at a public bathhouse :: Comments

Re: First tima at a public bathhouse
Post on Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:12 am by KimHaedi
Wow. Sounds like you had a good time and a funky one too. Yeah. I've been to one of those before. I went with my mom several times and once with my ex best friend. I felt the same way as you did at first experience... But I use a towel to hide my private areas as I went to take a dip into the hot mini pool and then scrubbed down. lOL. Glad u had fun. Nice sharing your story.
Re: First tima at a public bathhouse
Post on Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:15 am by KimHaedi
But lucky you..u only had to worry about one private area.Lol. To cover up yourself. Lol sorry. That came out odd to say.
Re: First tima at a public bathhouse
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First tima at a public bathhouse

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