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 Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...

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PostHoney! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...

Hey guys! been a while looks like things died out while i was gone :)hoping i can (in some mission impossible way) change that! i mean I DID start Shiratori games on our Skype chat hahahaha

Hawaii is hot as always when it's windy, it usually means go find shelter lol
i spend most of my time wearing t-shirts and short shorts so meh, hot weather will be the death of me~

Bought internet and a AC recently both working pretty well! i was going to the library a couple blocks away from my temporary living space :Ponly reason why i went is because of the internet there! FOR ANIME! hehe

Mmm almost home, 1 more month!!! then i'm out this island!
work is great can't complain, gonna miss the people i work with here though Sad

SO yeah! small and vague update on my status in life just for those wondering if i'm still alive hahaha

Oh! instead of just your average "Welcome back Guilty-Sama!" how about one of those and a what you've been up too lately. I mean it's been a while guys, i KNOW there's something new going on with you guys would be nice to get to know those i don't know too! noticed we got new members here and there so get off your lurker mode and let me know what ya'll been up to!

regardless you'll be hearing from me :)either in SKYPE chat or here on the forums :Pgotta photoshop sigs too!


Left to play a game called "Life" there is no save file so i'll be gone for a long-loooong time :3
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Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly... :: Comments

*puts average wb and ho are you kat*
Re: Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...
Post on Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:18 pm by Rami
wait she wants us to call her Guilty-Sama Razz 

One more month huh. At least you went to Hawaii  Very Happy 

How am I? Good I guess (tell ya when you get back)  Razz 

How about you?
my bad

*wb blabla everything fine blub babble guilty-sama hbu?*
Re: Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...
Post on Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:42 am by GuiltyStory
i feel no energy from either of you lol Don't ask me how i am! i already eplained how i'm doing in the blog dUUUURRR lmao

well as long as ya'lll are alive i can't complain Razz cmon! only 2 comments? i a whole day passing? what's up guys gimme something!!!
Re: Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...
Post on Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:39 am by Mikay
Heyo Kat! o/ or "Welcome back Guilty-Sama!"

One month? D: That's a long time :c
I seem to keep missing you on skype too D: but I'm glad to hear from you!
Haha things are going fine~ Mm nothing in particular has happened but I've spent a lot of time with my friends :DThey've forced me to play games and watch shows like the walking dead because I kept putting them off xD uh I also went to an open day a little while back at a uni..

Hmm other things I'm looking forward to is a summer job~

Since you've asked questions uh I'll ask you one! Picked up any of the new anime yet? Razz
Re: Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...
Post on Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:39 pm by GuiltyStory
puurfect example there! lmao~! Kayla knows how to respond!
Alway's hang with the friends Kayla! they're the ones actually there lol if i was there, i'd take over half your room and we/d never leave ;P lmao

ohhh nice what kinda games?! I need to catch up on the walking dead though... no spoilers Q.Q
how was open day? wait... are you in High school or college? what grade/year? o.o

Summer jobs yeeah! get one close to beach! they're alot less demanding when working Razz

Any new anime? Nope, simply don't have the time i gotta finish up some one last seasons' anime :/
i am currently re-watching ToraDora though! Love it!

Did you finish D-FRAG?!?!?!

Re: Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...
Post on Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:23 pm by Mikay
Hahah Very Happy Yeah I'll gladly hang out with them anytime they want xD

Oo they made play some games like Dark souls, dead space & other games I haven't played before. We even played Mario party~ No worries on spoils I've only finished the first season on the walking dead :PI'll eventually watch it all Very Happy

It was great, I got lost twice though xD First getting to the place, then getting lost inside the uni T^T Ah well I'm in College at the moment (I'm 18) so I'm not sure what year I would be over there~

Yeah, yeah! Hopefully :3

Ahh catch up, catch up! :PYou'll have a lot to watch when you get free time lmao
I haven't seen toradora in a while :oHaha I see where your song request came from now Razz
&& Of course I finished D-frag! I miss it already Very Happy

Hopefully one month will fly fast so Kat can be around more! xD
Re: Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...
Post on Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:42 am by Hikari
Hey Guilty! Good to see your alive still.
I Noticed we have the same train of thought, just got back to the bay area after 3 weeks in
Central America. i think i beat you in the "it's Hot!" continent lol. I came back not just with a tan but sun burn... hoping this isn't skin cancer.

besides being darker than black (see what i did there?) I'm pretty good~!
Found out a couple things since our last conversation.
turns out we live next to each other, well a city away
you live in Oakland right? well good news, i live in Berkeley! So whenever your ready lets go bike riding to SF and hit the arcade! or the mall. both too! haha
Looking forward to 1 month from now Smile

Might as well state that i'll be active here too from now on, atleast till summer hits Smile
Re: Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...
Post on Thu May 08, 2014 4:28 am by GuiltyStory

Active my ass! Haven't been on at all!!!!
Duuuuuuude i can finally meet someone from the forums without wasting precious money ahahahaha
Sounds goood be there sometime at the end of may!
we'll see what we can do, biking sounds nice! haven't seen the bay bridge in a looong time!
hopefully you come around and see this..... HOPEFULLY!
Till then~

Honey! I'm Ho-! well, not exactly...

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